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BDAS, the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack

BDAS, the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack, is an open source software stack that integrates software components being built by the AMPLab to make sense of Big Data.


BDAS consists of the components shown below. Components shown in Blue or Green are available for download now. Click on a title to go that project’s homepage.

In-house Apps
Access and
Processing Engine
Resource Virtualization
AMPLab Developed Spark Community 3rd Party In Development



BDAS will continue to evolve over the life of the AMPLab project, as existing components evolve and mature and new ones are added.


  • Software project Meetups – Help organize monthly developer meetups around BDAS components. Check out theSpark/Shark meetup group, the Mesos meetup group, and the Tachyon meetup group
  • AMP Camp “Big Data Bootcamp” – Two days packed full of software system intros, demos and hands-on exercises. Aims to bring practitioners with no prior experience up to speed and writing real code with real advanced algorithms.
  • Support – Unlike many research software prototypes that never see production use, we support BDAS software components by actively monitoring and responding on developer and user mailing lists.

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